Do you eat breakfast?

@maybebaby (1231)
October 4, 2007 6:39pm CST
I usually have something for breakfast each morning. Today I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't grab anything. I was starving by 11:00 and I couldn't wait for lunch. It's not like I eat a big breakfast or anything. I usually have a waffle or a banana or something. Do you eat breakfast in the morning? What do you usually have?
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
Hi maybebaby.. Good that you are able to wait up until 11:00. If I am in your situation, then I might be starving around 9:00 or 10:00, believe me. Anyways, I am always eating my breakfast even though I am on a hurry with my work or during my school time. I usually eat rice or bread with a cup of hot chocolate milk. With the combination of these, it will give you some energy while working or at school. It is not advisable to disregard your breakfast. Your health is very much important in this regard. Have a nice day and God bless you always!
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 07
I love eating very much and enjoy eating as well. I always try my best not to skip any meal. Don’t laugh in your sleeve please, though I am so fond of eating I am not clumsy. I was told that breakfast is the most essential meal among the three daily meals, to provide us energy to begin a new fresh day. So we must take healthy food which is rich in vitamins and minerals to make us refreshed. Of course I never follow this strictly as I enjoy eating what I love most of the time lol... I always take my favorite hot coffee, bread and fried eggs or a bowl of wantan noodle or coconut milk rice(nasi lemak)for my breakfast.
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@chym1101 (169)
• China
5 Oct 07
hello, maybebaby! It is not a good habit having breakfast slipshodly. As there is a saying: one shoule have breakfast like a princess, have lunch like a king, and have supper as a begger. So, what does it mean? You should have nutrient and elaborate food for breakfast, because the energe you consume all the day come from breakfast mostly. The lunch, you should eat full, as the time for lunch is the middle of a day. For supper, you should eat little food, because the night is coming and we cosume less energy than the daytime, so eating much is not neccesary. As i have breakfast in the dining-room of my university, I do not have many choices. Usually I have an egg , some vegetables and porridge for breakfast! Dear friend, you should have your breakfast well!
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