The Strategy of Homework

United States
October 4, 2007 11:57pm CST
I always wondered through out my years in school whether the idea of "homework" was beneficial to my learning. Sure it is easy enough to say that it helps by increasing repetition of ideas and learning that was expressed during class. However, I always felt that homework should be optional and students should take an initiative of their own to study the work. In one way, assigning homework can be seen as "babying" students; homework is a mean by which teachers structure the student's learning process. But i think for a student to figure out a strategy of study that works best for themselves is not only important for school but for other things later in life such as work, etc. In college, have the challenge of getting good grades is figuring out how to learn the material, and thus far this seems the most rewarding quality of the school aspect thus far. Thoughts?
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