October 5, 2007 2:29am CST
A few minutes ago I spoke my mind on a topic about Filipino discrimination ( This is due to a news I heard yesterday regarding an episode of Desperate Housewives. The scene is where the character of Teri Hatcher requesting to look at the diploma of a Filipino doctor. I don't watch desperate housewives so I am not familiar about the scene in question. Point is, that particular scene raised a lot of rage in the Filipino Industry, specially for those already working in foreign countries. At this day and age, it is surprising that discrimination still exist. Why do some people think they are better than others? As a Filipino, I feel that because of my heritage I should be judged not because of who I am but because of my heritage which is unfair. Just because there are a few bad apples among a bunch doesn't mean all apples are bad. I know a lot of foreign national who would love to live in the Philippines simply because they fell in love with our tradition, warmth and hospitality. In fact a friend of mine once said that Filipinos raise their children better than us Americans. Sometimes I think these people who discriminate us just don't understand our culture, tradition and beliefs. But, are we so different from Americans or other foreign countries. Don't other countries have traditions that they value, don't they have their own share of bad apples as well? Why are Filipinos being singled out? Comments please.
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• Philippines
6 Oct 07
americans don't have the rights to discriminate us but they have the power to discriminate us. because our goverment is under the influence of united states of america.
• Philippines
7 Oct 07
That is true, our country is under the influence of the United States whether our government admits it or not. There are benefits and disadvantages of being under the influence of the United States. My point is, not all Americans discriminates Filipinos, I do not want to quantify them, there are those who accord us the respect we deserve and treats us as equal. It is just sad that people use their influence not to better everyone's life but to degrade some.
• Australia
5 Oct 07
Well its very sad to hear you but discrimination still exist in most countries. Actually there is a saying, when GOD created Human being he whispered in their hear " There is no one better than you"
• Philippines
7 Oct 07
Your quote is correct. There is no one better than us and yet a lot of people seem to think they are.
@baka21 (52)
• Malaysia
18 Oct 07
Yes, believe it or not, RACISM is very much alive in this world. It's true, it's just how humans really are. Even if they looked the same, they would still try to find something to discriminate upon. I don't think racism issue is ever gonna last. Ever. Trust me.
17 Oct 07
Theres an easy way to do something about Desperate housewives.. everyone who watches it change channel. Refuse to watch it. In response to your article about Filipinos..I have only recently returned from the Philippines (literally less than 2 weeks). First thing ive done is sell up im going back November. I will also be marrying a Filipina.. The country isnt wealthy but the people more than make up for it. Im leaving a well paid job to be with my soon to be wife. I love the Philippines! and the fact family still means FAMILY. Help and support each other. The Western world generally lost sight of that a long time ago after World War II and the appearance of Commercialism. With everything being throw away society for the newest model and version. America have an opinion?? I only have one thing to say about America.. Foreign Policy.