How quick of a typist are you?

United States
October 5, 2007 4:02am CST
I can type from 40-80wpm depending on the time of day, how fast do you think you can type?
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@diillu (5128)
5 Oct 07
Waow, I must say that your typing is pretty good there. My typing is not as good as yours. I used to had good typing but I started caring less and now I have the worst. I think I can type like 32 words per minute. I guess it is not that worse. But these days I'm working on my typing speed. I think it soon will get better than that of now.
• United States
6 Oct 07
Just remember to keep your left hand pointer finger on the f and all other fingers to the left. As for the right hand, keep your pointer finger on the j and all other fingers to the right. Lastly, make sure to use your thumb for only pressing space. I hope this helps!
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
Hi! I can type 50-60 wpm. with minimal errors in any time of the day. I just need to concentrate on my work, and's accomplished.