Is this legal?

United States
October 5, 2007 12:43pm CST
I gamble online at an online casino. I play for cash, of course. I recently won over $70,000 over the course of three months. I transfered the funds in my checking account and suprizingly it showed up the next day. A few days ago i learned through a mutual friend that gambling online was illegal in the United States. Is it illegal. Should i keep this money, if not, what should i do with it? If yes, do i have to place it as part of my earning in a tax report. And should i be help liable for the money if it was the casino who accepted a US player when they knew i shuldn't be playing? I devieced a plan in which i always win. if i get the okay, i will continue and earn hundreds of thousands a year. Please consult with lawyers, legal personell e.t.c so i know i am doing something legal. I don't like jail, trust me!
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@Dee351972 (743)
6 Oct 07
wow. that be nice if u can keep it. I am not sure if it is leagal or not. it seems if they let you play that it be ok. they know where u are and that when u play right??hope u can find out. I wouldnt want u to go to jail so find out.