Do you have your football virtual team?

@darpao (24)
October 5, 2007 3:38pm CST
I had my team in hattrick, the most known website of managerial games. Now I don't play because the people that "word" there are too unkind and rude. Without explanations they ban your team and a beutiful game change himself in a very bad one. Instead of attract the people, they move away them. So, if you don't play in hattrick: don't worry!! You lost nothing, but gain a lot of time to do cultural things on the web as comunicate with other people from every part of the world in my lot..
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@hamoru12 (73)
16 Feb 08
I have been playing Hattrick for 2 seasons now (less than a year), and I'm kinda addicted to it. I've contacted the Gamemasters a few times and have always received the reply the next day. Their reply was always short, just a sentence or phrase perhaps, apart from the signature. But I don't think they were rude. I think some people do not read the rules enough. In one case, one new team in my series wrote a press announcement saying that they were going bankrupt and offered teams that buy their specific player gets a friendly against them, which is very rewarding for flagchasers since it was the Brunei flag. Clearly this is cheating, so I reported it. Sadly haven't heard of the verdict. So, didn't they explained why you were banned?? Well, about nothing lost not playing Hattrick, of course true. But nothing gained either. And if one plays it, satisfaction and fame might be gained, but not without some time lost i guess. Btw that "word" is a typo, right? for "work"?
@argo979 (118)
• Italy
30 Jan 08
my team is Atletico complanare. I play in italy in VIII league.
• Turkey
20 Oct 07
I also play this game, I did not see any unkide and rude people, there are moderators if u have problems u can adress him, if u still play we can arrange friendly machtes.