United States
October 6, 2007 12:21am CST
My friend let her boyfriend sleep with her best friend, everything was ok and coming up roses. Intill the boyfriend said..." I think I am in love with your best friend but I do not want to hurt you." Instead of answering or throwing a fit about it. She just cleaned and nodding while he ponder about what he said. She does not know what or how to respond to this ...anybody?
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@smints8985 (1595)
• United States
6 Oct 07
Well that would probably be her initial response. How would you expect her to react when in the first place she allowed for things to happen, I believe that prevention will always be better than cure. It will be harder to make up for things that are already there, so in the first place she should probably have taken more caution in letting her boyfriend sleep with her best friend. She might have been realizing all her faults now and so she could not blame her boyfriend for she has let it happen herself.
@diillu (5128)
6 Oct 07
I totally agree with you. Everyone is responsible for the consequences of their own action. She allowed her boyfriend to sleep with her bestfriend. I think she should have prepared herself to face this day at the very moment when she agreed to do this. She is totally responsible for the consequences.
• United States
5 Feb 08
Drop him like a rock. That's what I would have done when he said he wanted to sleep with said best friend. If he wants someone else, that's fine. Let him do it. It will hurt, but if what he wants isn't her in the first place, why force him to stay with her? Throwing a fit won't do any good, but she should explain that the fact that he wants someone else does hurt, especially after she put such faith in him. If he claims he wants to stay with her after that (because he feels guilty) she should decline. Let the best friend and the friend try to deal with things together. Does the best friend even want the boyfriend, or was she just in it for the one night stand?
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
18 Nov 07
She invited it upon herself and now she doesnt need to blame the boyfriend. You cannot play with your relationship like that. What values is she trying to build with her boy friend? Even before they are married, it was her who lured her boy friend into an adulterous tendency. I think she said nothing to the boy because she realized it was her fault. Please let the boy friend go ahead and take up her fiancee's best friend, he tasted her and found her perhaps, better than his real girl friend!LOL
@jean0827 (306)
• Malaysia
18 Nov 07
she should have think about this problem when she allow her bf to sleep with her best fren... how can she allow that to be happened? now, i think she just need to ask herself: can she share her bf with her bf??
18 Oct 07
I think this kind of thing was inevitable considering she actually let him do this with her best friend. I mean dont get me wrong, everyone is different and has different thoughts / feelings but i would physically feel like been sick if the thought of my partner in bed with another woman, let alone actually agreeing to it! Does she love him that much in the first place to let him go ahead with it, did he love her that much in the first place to actually ask such a question? And to then follow through with it and actually go ahead with sleeping with the best friend? Is the best friend of the girl, really a best friend, if she would sleep with the boyfriend in the first place, permission or not! It just doesnt seem to ring true to be honest, i think she would maybe be better off finding someone who loves and respects her, and vice versa.
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
the question is why did you let it happen,, dont u get jealous when he slept with your bestfriend? anyway it already happen.. if your bf is truly madly deeply inlove with your bestfriend (my gosh that hurts) you can do anything but to cry.. but dont be a loser im sure there is someone out there right for you,, just wait and pray