what do you do when you are sad and you feel lost

October 6, 2007 6:35am CST
dear friends. sometimes it happens to me that i am very sad and lost and i keep crying over my loss... st times i feel like running and keep running, whereto i dont know. sometimes feel like walking in the water. i am ok orherwise but feel too sad and disillusioned. do you guys feel when you are extremely sad?n how do you cope up with such a situation?
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@sugarbabe (114)
• Fiji
10 Oct 07
I go to the sea-side for a walk when am really upset or sad. I try to think positive and just watch the waves. I don't usually resort to crying and stuff as it doesn't help abit. :-)
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
hi, when i feel total sad i just go to my room and sleep. crying is not the answer it will give us only heavy eyes. when i feel sad about my grades i try to smile but i can't i keep on thinkin my grades. i went home and feel strange i go to my room and hug my pillows instead and sleep.
@gypsygoth (244)
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
i usually do a bit of soul searching when im sad, dont like to be kept locked in my room, it would only make me more depressed. what i do is i walk around, in a park or in some quiet areas like churches (im not very religious, but i find churches peaceful enough to contemplate), libraries (to find some answers, sometimes you pick up books you least expect to read and yet find what you're actually looking for) and others. or sometimes, i got to places where there are lots of people and go observe and walk around or window shopping to get my mind off my current sadness. :) but sometimes, its also nice to talk about it with a friend you trust. it helps lessen the burden off your chest and sometimes, friends give you good advices and stuff you never knew would actually help you :) i hope it helps and goodluck!
@vijiayyar (191)
• Ireland
6 Oct 07
Hi when I am sad I usually resolve to listening to music. Listening to good music helps u ease the pain and enriches your soul, and it gives u a new strenght to fight pain. But sometimes I also opt to sit alone in room with pin drop silence and all lights off, in order to rediscover myself.