Keeping it down

@evonne (64)
United States
October 6, 2007 9:55pm CST
How do you get it down under stress?
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• India
25 Oct 10
Welcome to mylot, i don't have any stress now, i never keep myself or my mind inactive or dull, i hear music, watch favorite movies or play with grand kids, they help lol.. Thanks for sharing. Professor. . Cheers
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
24 Oct 10
just screaming, yelling and punching my pillows. we have to find some way to release it, don't keep the stress inside it would kill you
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Oct 10
i feel i get refreshed after having my chocolates. And best remedy is Meditation, try breathing exercise, it will help you balance and handle hypertension.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
19 Nov 07
hello!.do some meditation.focusing on the right feelings you can alleviate stress the process is lengthier but the only remedy.whenever i am in stress, i chant a mantra Oooom for bout 30 minutes and then i laugh with children and get relieved soon. you start to read joke books, see comedy films and at the same time join laughing club if available .if not yuo collect some friends and form laughing club.assemble there in the morning and laugh loudly.a good laugh is not only enjoyable but also ensures better health.laughing is a revitalising tonic that heightens and brightens our mood,gently relieving us of tension.medical science also accepts this.researchers have observed that laughter reduces neuro-endocrine hormon associated with stress may follow this to come out of stress. thank you.
• China
1 Nov 07
If I'm under stress in my work,I'll manage to study quickly something invovled,because I think it would be the best effective way to get relax myself,If I'm under stress in earning money,I don't know , maybe I might find a greener pasture and adjust myself to the new enviorenment quickly to get a higher reward.If I'm under stress in my life,I'll get down to bed then have a good sleep,and there'll turn out to be no trouble at all.
• India
1 Nov 07
Its definitely not that easy for me to get down my stress...but i usually concentrate on other things which i love like listening to music, talking with friends, having good sleep and more to control it and it gets down after a period of 3-5 days...depends mostly on what kinda stress i'm into!!
• Australia
12 Oct 07
Watch lots and lots of funny movies. As they say laughter is the best medicine, this will also relieve your stress. This has worked for me. I had a real stressful job managing 50 staff and working an 80 hour week, + 3 kids, 18, 6 & 2yrs and a partner and household to run. Whenever I had a spare moment I would watch a funny movie and get totally emersed in the movie so that you forget about everything around you. Also what I did was put up around the house ie on the fridge door, on the bathroom mirror and on the back of the bedroom door what my ideal Blood pressure was. So that every time I was it I would say to myself by Blood pressure is 120 over 80. So that my mind and sub conscience would get the message. This all worked for me in about 30 days. Good luck and have a blessed day