Am I a Shopaholic???

October 7, 2007 3:47am CST
hey, are you a ShopAholic? The basics, you might be a shoaholic.... Women and Men are alike--- cant control the urge to spend. Spend on expensive clothes, cellphones, bags, shoes, etc... Learn what drives to this distructive behavior. Is your closet overflowing with new-worn clothing, the prize tags still waving in the breeze? Is your storage room bulging with boxes of shoes, do you buy new makeup weekly, do you always change or buy new phones everytime there is something new in the market? You might be a shopaholic. Post a revelation.. i never go for expensive clothes, bags and shoes, i prefer buying gadgets like phones, everytime there is a new phone coming, i make it sure that i have one. in fact, i have bought 15 units already, from year 2000 to present.
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