What is the American Dream?

United States
October 7, 2007 12:49pm CST
I want to know what the American Dream is. Please tell me.
2 responses
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
Hello spiderlizard22 :) American Dream is all about financial prosperity. It is something that is very true years ago. However, its not so true nowadays. This "dream" can be achieved in other countries as well. Europe, Japan, and others booming countries are places where one can be safe, happy and successful. I work in an international bank, many of the bank's customers are Americans, and I can say that most of them don't have an impressive bank account. Many Chinese, Japanese or other nationalities are even richer than the Americans. So I believe that this "American Dream" is something of the past.
• Netherlands
7 Oct 07
Here in Holland we think that the american dream is all about money. Be famous and earn a lot off money. All the american's want to be filmstars, actors ore just rich isn't it?? Personally I think that that is a fact in every country. Who doesn't want to own a big house and a big bankaccount.