Silent Hill: Rhat are your thoughts on upcoming Origins and Silent Hill 5?

October 7, 2007 3:09pm CST
What do you think of the upcoming Origins and Silent Hill 5? From what you've seen, how do you think they'll fend in the light of the previous games? From what i've seen, i think they look great...a major leap from SH4.
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• India
3 Jul 08
i played silent hill origins an awesum roaming makes da game more lively n graphics look similar to da ps2 graphics...imagine silent hill5 on da ps3..itz gonna be so much interestin...cant wait to play da next series..konami is great..cheerz
@tehmunkee (136)
• United States
9 Jun 08
Personally, I think Origins was too short. The puzzles were easier than previous games (although I was stuck on the light puzzle and the doll+pill puzzle for a while). I hated how you could run out of breath from running and I hated how you could BREAK your weapons, and from what I saw, there was a lack of health drinks (which wouldve helped because the enemies on the streets took so much damage. I am excited for SH5, even though I do not own a ps3 or 360.. yet
• United States
29 Jan 08
I think Silent Hill 5 is gonna set the bar for survival horror games for this video game generation. Think about what Silent Hill did for the PS/N64 gen, and what Silent Hill 2 did for the PS2/Xbox/GC gen!
• Malaysia
2 Nov 07
I hope this game will have a pc version since I don't own any consoles if not then I have to buy a ps3 lol, anyway the story and game play sounds interesting love to see the real time wounds in works this will make the game looking more realistic, definitely waiting what type of new addition of game play that are in store for us in sh5, I hope something very interesting and very distinctive like they did in sh3 and 4 where in sh3 heather can become a superhero with laser eye beams lol and in sh4 with charge weapon, breakable weapon and the impaling system is very fun to use.