Deodorant causes Cancer...

October 7, 2007 4:47pm CST
Has everybody heard of that article that was published in the times not so long ago? That women's deodorant actually encourages breast cancer. it's meant to be the alluminium in it. I recently heard this and became quite frightened. Mainly at the thought of being scared to use it any longer, was I going to smell? Or feel damp throughout the day? But luckily my mum managed to find some natural stones that acted as an antiperspirant when wet, I'm sure there's loads been sold over the internet since the article was published.
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7 Oct 07
Hello georginaswift86. Thanks for the informative post. Deodorants gives me confidence hygiene-wise. But now that you gave that information, I have to look for other product that is safe and has the same function. I would also check that natural stones. Thanks again. Take care :)
8 Oct 07
I would just recomend typing "aluminium free deodorant" and you should get loads of product. The stone i've got lasts for about 6 months and only released the mineral, it doesn't actually shrink in size. I'll let you know how I get on as I've only had it today, so keep your eyes open for me. But my mum says its great (n she smells LESS now!!) Lol. Also, I'm wondering if LUSH would be a good place to try as all their stuff is natural anyway. Just keep your eye on the ingredients. I can't believe it tho, something that everyone uses all the time so we're putting ourselves at risk everyday!!! How terrible and shocking??!!
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
11 Oct 07
Hi georginaswift86! I think I have heard it before but never really got so into it at that time..but now that you have mentioned that, I think I should be alarmed and to check on the kind of deodorant I am using because I heard there are kind of deodorants that have safer content or maybe I will be going to use those natural stones that is also abundant in our place instead of risking my health. Thanks for this discussion and for making me aware. Take care and have a nice day.