skin rashes in toddler

October 7, 2007 10:15pm CST
Hi Moms, my 3 year old boy has itch rashes on his bottom and down the thigh area behind his buttocks. He keeps scratching mostly in the night. I stopped using diapers since he was 1.5 years old. I regularly use moisturizers like petroleum jelly. His paed sait it is contact dermatitis. I have covered my car seat, rug at home with cotton and wash his shorts with mild shampoo. Still rashes have not subsided. Anybody has any suggestions on this? Thanks a lot.
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@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
8 Oct 07
My suggestion is to stop using any kind of moisturizer on his bottom for the time being. I would ask your doctor about using hydrocortisone cream on his bottom. This will help with the redness and inflammation and also keep the bottom moisturized. I would also change his soap to a very gentle cleanser, something geared towards sensitive skin for cleaning and make sure you dry him very well. I would also consider just letting him run around in the buff for a bit in the evening, ensure he has a towel or blanket he can sit on to keep carpet fuzz and other stuff off his bottom. My daughter had this for a time and this is what I did to help her along. I hope it works!
• Singapore
8 Oct 07
Hi, thank you for the suggestions. In fact his doc has given him a steroid cream which when applied reduces the rash, but once stopped, itching starts again. I also heard that steroid cream is bad for the blood vessels below the skin. I use only baby bath lotion on him. Thanks once again.
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
my 2 month old son have rashes also, i just use petroleum jelly on the affected area. and i also use anti-inflammatory and antipruritc cream.
@jHoEn16 (2043)
• Australia
8 Oct 07
my sons skin was so sensitive and everytime he did poh and we didnt changed it right away his bum will turn into red... i never used the petrolium jelly because its oily it makes the rashes worst... now we are using the intense moisturizing cream from johnson's baby... a soothing naturals and its effective.. it smells good and we even used it for mossy bites... just try:) dermatologist tested
@saunty (604)
• India
8 Oct 07
Hmmm, well ,thought i am not a mom till now , but i would rather like to say that this kind of rashes not just occurs due to skin contact , raher it may also happens when there is something which the baby is allergic with, it may be anything , so rather than being so much attentive in side way objects try to find out whats there around the baby whch is causing that rahses, and if u couldnt find it than consult a skin specialist , he will suggest for a test which will confirm whats the actual alergic agent is...
@cotruelove (1038)
• Denver, Colorado
8 Oct 07
When my son was a baby he had severe dermatitis, so bad that people actually thought I wasn't using ointments and creams on him, or didn't change his diaper properly. He would break out and even bleed at every joint or crease in his skin. My pediatrician thought it was food allergies. He was a large baby, 10 lbs 7 oz at birth, and started problems from the beginning with his skin. We tried all kinds of dietary changes and basically until he got to a certain size, he mostly ate barley cereal and drank weak tea. Before he was two years old, and because of his size, I was able to take him to an allegist who found out what he was allergic too, and we started him on allergy shots. He was allergic to wheat pollen, eggs, milk, beef and corn. There were also some air born allergies like molds and mildew. It took about seven years of shots to solve the problem along with avoiding certain foods on a regular basis. It might be worth a trip to the allergist to see if the problem can be solved. Good luck.