How bad is the stage 3 in leukemia?

United States
October 8, 2007 12:54am CST
I feel sad today, my mom's sister is ill --badly ill I may say. The family just found out today that she has a leukemia and its on stage 3. How bad is that? She has other illness too like heart problem and nervous breakdown. My mom has been crying all night and I'm so far away, the only thing I could do is to send some financial help and to talk to her, trying to calm her and hoping that everything will be alright. My heart is bleeding right now :(.
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• Philippines
8 Oct 07
Hi erhardtg. Do not lose hope. Miracles do happen and I am sure God will always be there for you and for your family as well. I think bone marrow transplant will be the solution in this regard. I am not really sure because I am not a physician, but maybe it would be one of the best options that a physician can recommend. I am just hoping for the recovery of your aunt Have a blessed day to you always!
@milkfish (375)
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
I'm sorry about your aunt. Leukemia involves the bone marrow of the body and usually spreads to other organs like the spleen and the liver. The staging of leukemia depends on other information that reflects the patient's chances for survival. Different staging systems are used for different types of chronic leukemia. If its a Chronic Lymphocyctic Leukemia (CLL), stage 3 is already considered high risk, there is already too few red blood cells. I hope you could find the best medical experts to help your aunt. There is always miracles.
• United States
9 Oct 07
:( makes me so sad to know that...thanks for the sympathy.