how many commodities have the label "made in China" in your house?

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@jiangli (363)
October 8, 2007 1:18am CST
China used to be a communist country before 1978 when Mr Deng xiaoping began his historic adventure of refore & opening up to western woeld! Now,China has become the factory for the whole world!I see China become one of world greatest economic,plitical and military power pretty soon,once again!So how many commodities have the label "made in China"in your house?
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@youless (95251)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Oct 07
I have some products which are made in China. My washing machine, rice maker, one air conditioner, fan are all made in China. I have to say some Chinese products are good with competitive price.
@jiangli (363)
• China
23 Oct 07
I agree with you at all !But recently I heard some foreigner complain about the quality of chinese product ! the problem has been aggrandized by them !I feel angry
@tdhuch (11)
• United States
18 Apr 08
Jiangli,I am an American that appreciates the Chinese history and culture. Alot of what the world uses comes from China, whether it be textile,industrial materials, manufacturing, or food, China has played an important role. Pizza and noodles originated in China not Italy. The Chinese are a very hard working educated people, that have been suppressed by the government for a long time. I am happy to see the reform and independence of China and have enjoyed living in both Taiwan and China. The most important thing now is to remain friends and allies, like Confucious said " sz hai jr nae jyia syung di" within the four seas, we are all brothers and sisters. Your Friend, Tom