What are your thoughts on euthanasia?

United States
October 27, 2006 9:02pm CST
For those of you who do not know what euthanasia means...it means being put to death when there is no chance for recovery from a medical condition and the medical establishment uses a "method" which accelerates your death. Remember the tragic Terri Schaivo case last year? I think this is a very personal decision people should make. I myself have made up a living will to do deal with this matter. A living will sets out what should be done in a situation like this by medical personnel. There can be no lawsuits, no appeals, etc. Your wishes will be carried out. I would be interested in hearing about opinions on this very controversial subject.
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@happygal68 (3277)
• United States
28 Oct 06
I too believe it is a very personal decision. I hated seeing that case all over the news, I felt so bad for Terri. I made sure a long time ago to have my living will done too. I don't want anyone to have to make those decisions on my behalf ~ that would be too hard on them. I have discussed it with all of my family members so they know exactly what I want done should that situation arise. Very good discussion topic. ~Remember to give out +'s when it's deserved & select best responses. It helps us all out ;-]