Learn How to Navigate the Dining Hall

October 8, 2007 11:37am CST
1) Begin by filling at least half your plate with vegetables and fruits. (Eat salad before a meal and you’ll cut the total calories you need. 2) Use only one plate and put all your food on it. Do not refill. Keep food portions moderate. Big portions make you more likely to keep on eating after you’re full, especially if you’re sitting and talking with friends. 3) Skip fat- or cream-based sauces and gravies — or ask for them on the side. Add only what you need for flavor. 4)If you want dessert, go back after your meal to make your choice. You’re less likely to load up on sweets when you’re full. 5)Choose water or low-fat milk to drink, not the empty calories of soda.
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@bagumbayan (2707)
• Philippines
10 Oct 07
We do that when on a party, on a eat all you can restaurant and in other eateries offering such kind. You really have to take those vegies and select only the food you want. There are those who like to taste everything, but in the end will not make your eating satisfying. But at home important meal must have vegies and one kind of dish. There are also some kind of food with vegies and meat all together.
• India
10 Oct 07
Thanks for sharing your views.