I love this movie!

October 8, 2007 4:55pm CST
this movie i love because i feel it is so inspiring! it is interesting how she turned from a person without being serious at all too an intelligent women! and successfull. Besides nobody believed in her until she prove herself to everybody! she even graduated with honors and was able to resolve a murder case!
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• Philippines
16 Jul 10
I love the way Elle has a very simple perspective in life. She also had a simple logic which is such a big break from all the complexities of the "real law world". I especially love this dialog from Elle: Elle: I'm sure she didn't kill her husband Somebody else: And how can you be sure of that? Elle: Because she exercises. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. WINNER!!!
• Philippines
30 Aug 09
You know what, lauralozano, I had watched this movie by Reese Winterspoon and its sequel several times (almost ten times). Yap, I love this movie as well because it showed women can do everything with flying colors and should never be ignored. I watched this every time I felt that what I am doing doesn't meet the someone's standard or when I was rejected by my colleagues or when I'm simply depressed. This movie showed that women can do a lot, by putting our best into it and so everything with our style or uniqueness! Have a nice mylotting! Never be discouraged!
@xuefei (20)
• China
8 Mar 09
I love the movie too.It's so interesting and funny .I like her clothing ,she is so beautiful .I also want to be a happy girl but i can't do that sometimes.She is a nice girl,i admire.
@yingwu (21)
• China
25 Mar 08
I love this movie too because I love its heroine who is so charming,valiant.More important ,it's her strong faith which moves me .I want to leart to her so that I can have the nerve to do things what I want to do .
• India
25 Feb 08
I too feel the movie was really inspiring. You learn that determination, harwdwork and sincerity pays afterall! I love when at last Reese calls out "We did it!" and I love the graduation speech. I came across the movie when I needed to build up some confidence in life and it really helped.
21 Feb 08
This is my all-time favorite movie as well. She proved that she can be the best person she can be, and proved the people who let her down that she can achieve her goals. What's more, she found her true love! Awww....