What BEST GIFT can i give to my GIRLFRIEND on our 9TH YR ANNIVERSARY?

October 9, 2007 10:14am CST
Hi guys.. I am on a relationship for nine years now. We turned nine last September 21 but I am planning to have a celebration on November 21st since its also her birthday. Just so I can save a little (lol), I decided to combine the celebration on her birthday. I am so confuse on how to celebrate it. Of course its just going to be the two of us. With our past anniversary celebrations, we already had dinner in a fine dining restaurant, island vacation, hongkong trip, singapore trip, provincial tour (both my family side and her family side), night stay in a hotel.. I cant think of something that is new. One more thing, I am thinkin of giving her a gift. What do you think would that be? I have limited budget for this time since we will soon be getting married on May next year. CAn you help me think of something less expensive but memorable?
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