How do you exactly do SizzleFizzle Game Site?

@Carrie26 (1587)
United States
October 9, 2007 11:53am CST
I was wondering how to do the SizzleFizzle website? I have already signed up and have been voting and have gotten 33 cents in my account so far.But I am kind of confused on how you can earn more points or get more money in the bank.?Most of them I have already voted on .Is thier new ones or can you vote for the ones you missed or do you have to wait until they add more or the voting contests ends until you can get more?I cant seem to find out on this site how to do this site or they dont seem to have any information.It seems like a good site to earn and play on but I just need to know how to work the site.LOL.Thanks.
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@amitavroy (4824)
• India
18 Jul 08
my friendI don't know whether you have got any payment from this website or not but my friend reached the payout of this website of the hard work and when he wanted to redeem is earning it was more than a month and he has not received the payment yet. So I personally feel that this side is not a very safe to one to spend your time on. Although this is one of my observations and if they have already reached your payout then maybe you can definitely ignore this but if you have not reached your payout and I would like to warn you as I have experienced it from my friend and also if you look at this website there are a few people who have posted their discussions saying that this side is not paying the amount they are supposed to pay them after the payout has been received.
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@Carrie26 (1587)
• United States
19 Jul 08
Thanks for responding.It seems like its like Netwinner.After awhile they dont pay thier members their cashouts,etc.
@eveeee (659)
11 Aug 08
I am still waiting for my first pay out too. Should have been in the first week of the month but so far nothing. I have stopped participating for now to see if I get my money and have emailed them to see if I get reply. I have reviewed sizzlefizzle on my blog and want to keep people up to date with how I am doing. I posted a discussion on here a while ago to ask if anyone had been paid out, but so far nothing back. Was really hoping they pay as I enjoy the site, but I wont waste my time there if they don't pay out, and I shall be reviewing them in a bad light if they don't to make others aware. I look forward to seeing if anyone else has anything to say about it.
• Malaysia
24 Sep 08
Hi there, if you want to know how you can get hidden money in your vote, just PM me and i tell you a secret tips that i've discover from my own experience in sizzlefizzle. :)
17 May 08
this website is useless you just vote on i have voted on loads of contests and no pay even when they say there is hidden pay