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Icewave patches for relief of pain - Box of Icewave patches - for relief of pain
October 9, 2007 1:24pm CST
I wanted to share with you all a very special experience I went through about a year ago. A friend invited me, being an alternative medicine therapist, to a meeting with a very prominent urologist from a well known hospital. She said that he was going to give a lecture about some new inovative nanotechnolgy product which can help with dealing with physical pain. Ofcourse my curiosity was spiked and I came to the lecture. I come across many people in my practice who suffer from pain and I don't always know how to treat it with alternative methods. Sometimes none of the techniques work and me and my patients are stuck with a lot of frustration and have to resort to painkillers again as last resort. Well, I have to admit, I was very impressed with the Doctor's lecture. He talked about non-transdermal patches which you stick on specific places on the body and most people experience almost immediate relief from pain, even if the pain is chronic... It works on the electromagnetic field of the body in a very subtle way and creates a cooling effect in the inflamed area of the pain causing relief to appear. He explained that the company who is producing these patches have other kinds of patches too. They have patches 1) to increase energy levels by using the body's fat reserves to create more energy in the body, cells, muscles etc... Lots of very known athletes are using these patches to increase their stamina and sportive endeavours. From soccer players, to golfers, to runners, basketballplayers etc...Some olympic swimmers even used the energy patches during the last olympic games and the Dopa committee OK'd the use of the ptaches as nothing enters the body when wearing them. (lifewave patches) 2) patches to improve sleep quality - creating an overall increase of quality of life and ability to function correctly without having to resort to sleeping pills.(Rest Quiet) 3) Patches to relieve pain (Icewave) 4) patches that increase Gluthation levels in body resulting in a high level of natural antioxidant being produced by the body itself (without having to resort in taking them orally). These patches have a couple of effects - they cleanse the body of heavy metals, improve the look of skin and many more (Y-Age) 5) That was quite amazing to me - A patch designed to control sugar/carbohydrates cravings - resulting in successfull results when dieting! Well, after all that information, I decided I wanted to try some patches out and bought a couple to try them on myself (as I usually do with all my techniques). I had great results. My mother-in-law, who's 84 years old, has chronic back pain due to very severe osteoporosis. I brought her some icewave patches and that night was the first night she slept wonderfully, without waking up from her usual backpain. For me, that was it. I joined Lifewave as a distributor after my whole family benefited from the use of different patches. I am so excited about these patches, you can't imagine how excited!Many of my patients are benefiting from the patches.You can order them internationally too. It's an innovative company, with no competitors, a unique line of products (nanotechnology!)and they are just in their beginnings of developping additional products. Their business plan is also incredible. Anyway - I just felt I wanted to share this experience with you because I know that lifewave is going to be the next BIG THING in the area of medicine with no invasive medications. I invite you all to have a look at the following site where you can hear testimonials, information about the products, Video's, Pics etc... A lot of people are looking for answers like this to deal with health problems. So spread the word !! www.lifewave.com/rosalyn You are also invited to post questions or comments on what I've just wrote. Thank you!
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9 Oct 07
i suffer from ME and fibro so this sounds interesting to me depending on the cost and id have to read into it more but sounds good
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• Israel
9 Oct 07
We had some pretty good results with fibromialgia patients in reducing pain. I would also recommend Omega 3 for this condition. What does ME stand for? Go into the site - the pain patches are very reasonably priced. Also, if you decide to try them, It's important to know that they only are effective if you are well hydrated - at least 6-8 glasses of water each day. If you are dehydrated - the patches won't work ! The Placement is also crucial but with that I can help you, no problem.