What are your thoughts on dual citizenship?

@pilbara (1436)
October 9, 2007 11:12pm CST
Should it be allowed or not? If you choose to become a citizen of a country, should you have to renounce your citizenship of your birth country, Should you be allowed to be both? Do you think it's ok for people to change between nationalities because it suits them to do so?
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• United States
17 Oct 07
...My mother held dual citizenship. She was born in Blenham, Ontario and moved to Old Redford, MI during the depression. She became a US citizen before she graduated high school. ...If countries share commonalities, are and have always been peaceful, I feel sharing people is just fine. Politically, it can be a win-win situation. I would not want to see someone be able to have dual citizenship with countries who have had war with each other. I would find it very scary to have someone hold an Iranian and US citizenship. ...Great thread, pilbara. Peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della
• United States
10 Oct 07
The only person I know of that has duel citizenship is Elizabeth Taylor. She was born in England to American parents or was it the other way around?Anyway I think it all depends on each case.it depends on the nationality of your parents and when you were born and how long you lived in the country of your birth.I can see a child that was born here in the U.S. to Mexican parents having duel citizenship especially if his/her parents move back to Mexico. The same with a Canadian child, but it would get tricky if the two countries were U.S. and China. They are so far away and have two different poilitcial structures.