What can u say about people without conscience?

October 10, 2007 2:48am CST
I do believe in God if u do something to another person...taking advantage of his/her inocence. I tell you....you'll might fall crying without anything around you.
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• Philippines
11 Oct 07
Hi gem3072001. I believe that those people without conscience are those who do not believe and love God. For me, conscience is the voice of God. If we are being bothered by our conscience, I believe that is the voice of God telling us that what we are doing or what we did is wrong. I do not have anything against people who doesn't want to believe in God. That is their choice. However, if they are already hurting other people because they don't care what their conscience is telling them, then I believe they deserve punishment.
@huntbird (277)
• China
10 Oct 07
I just want to say ,this kind of guys should not exist at all,because there have some around me,i hate their behaviors,they make me feel nausea.