You'd better no do these things when travelling

October 10, 2007 5:40am CST
1,Don't have dinner in a resturant within a tourist site. The food is usually expensive and disappoiting. 2,Don't have a room in a hotel within a tourist site.The price is also unreasonable. 3,Don't buy any souvenir in a tourist site. They are not, most of the time, worth the price and you may find them useless when you bring them home. 4,Don't read book all the time when in a train or coach. You can read books at home at any time. If you don't want to miss any beautiful sighseeing and interesting experience,try to look out of the window and talk with your neighbour. You may find more fun. Do you think there is any other things you'd better not do when travelling? Pls show your opinion and experience!
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