How to boost up your wifi signal? How to get free internet?

October 10, 2007 7:05am CST
materials needed for your free internet antenna - you need a usb wifi adapter, a parabolic dish (a strainer or a cookware cover will do), a usb extension (preferably with repeater) and a pc or laptop
1.First install your usb wireless adapter driver and utility on your pc or laptop. 2. Punch a hole on the center of your cookware cover or strainer (parabolic) just enough to fit the female end of your usb extension and to hold it in place. 3. plug the usb adapter to the usb female end at the center of the parabola (as illustrated) then to the usb socket. 4. aim at the nearest wifi hotspot / router. 5. check if you're connected. NOW SURF THE INTERNET FOR FREE!