Are the UK postal workers right to strike

October 10, 2007 8:01am CST
For those not in the UK we have been having postal strikes recently Where all postal workers stop working for 48 hours. They have just finished their second one and are to strike again every Monday and Tuesday until they get what they want. This is costing businesses a projected £100,000,000 around a quarter of a billion dollors. Its causing disruption accross the country with sick people not being told about appointments and poorest people in the country not recieving their state benefit. No what i want to know is do you this striking is justified. When you take a job you know what the pay is and how often your will recieve pay increases and how much. The Royal mail has offered a pay rise of 2.5% which is 0.5% higher than they are contactually obligated to do so. But unions have said they will not accept anything lower than 2.7% increase. These postal worker are holding the entire county to ransom for 0.2% increase in pay. These people knew what the wages where when they started working there what gives them the right to demand more. If you are in a job and you find you need more money then you find another job I am not against striking i was all in favour of the Fire Fighters strikes but that because they had a genuine reason. Which was cutting crews, increasing work (reponding to medical emergencies) and no increase in pay Should the Royal mail be allowed to sack people refusing to work. In the UK we have a law which states nothing is allowed to interfer with the mail It not well know but royal mail vans are legally allowed to speed and run red lights although they dont. Now if under UK law it is a crime to delay the mail and to interfer with the mail why are strikers not charged. There are millions of undelivered items still at sorting offices. I myself sent my vat return two weeks ago to meet the deadline but it still has not been recieved. So in conclusion should this strike be classed as illegal, should the stikers be arrested for delaying the mail and should people refusing to work be sacked. My answer to all would be yes
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