Do you get your shape and weight back after pregnancy?

@caesarin (1091)
October 10, 2007 11:19am CST
I don't. I can't have my tummy back in the shape. The same thing with the weight. It was plus one kg from before. I never look the same as I was.
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@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
10 Oct 07
Hi caesarin,how are you?I got my shape back after having my daughter.I weighed 97 lbs before getting pregnant and have always weighed this since high school.Im made petite and gained 30 pounds when i was pregnant.I went back to the size i was and i haev also very sretchy skin,lol.I have no stretch marks either,i guess im very lucky but i wanted at least one stretch mark to show of the pregnancy,funny uh?I also had her naturally with no pain killer,wow!The doctor did not arrive in time to give me one and she was already coming out when he came.He seemed not that happy because he lost some money,hahaha.Uh,you snooze,you loose,hehe.If i see a woman who had a child and was left with the weight gain,i admire them alot.I think they are very beautiful and if i was a man it would not bother me one bit because they helped bring this little angel into the world and carried them for nine months,i would love her all the more.:):)