Death of a company for children's healthcare

@gewcew23 (8011)
United States
October 10, 2007 5:03pm CST
I personally do not smoke but my husband enjoy a good cigar when he gets home from work. He orders his cigars from a company called Finck Cigar Company because he gets a pretty good deal on them. The problem is that the 35 billion dollars that government wants to increase the childrens healthcare insureance will be funded by taxing cigars. Some cigars will be levied with a 20,413% tax increase, my husband cigar will be about a 53% tax increase. Next problem is that companies like Finck will have to go out of business because it will be to expensive to sell cigars. Take for instance Don Tomas Candela Churchill(my husband's cigar) will go from $66.95 to about $130 for a box of 25. The only thing that is keeping this legislation from passing is President Bush's veto. Time will come though legislation like this passes and American Cigar companies will just go away. So I have decided to post this discussion on the behave of my husband who does go out and work, prevides a food and shelter, and alread pay the government with to much money out of his paycheck. Thank you Liberal out there on MyLot would support legislation like this that would put a company that has been selling cigars for 114 year. What a great world we live in that the people that do not contribute anything to society can vote to strip more money out from those that do. But let us remember it is for the children.
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