It's so hard to make money

October 11, 2007 6:46am CST
Why is it so hard to make money on the internet. I received many "free" offers, which are not free afterall. They are only free to try for a few days. It seams like to make money, you have to spend a lot of money without being sure you will be making money. If anyone have a good experience with working on th net, please le me know.
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• Australia
11 Oct 07
hello newbie I am like you and new and still have not had much experience online. This is an interesting topic you bring up and one that should be considered to be something that one struggles with on a regular basis if all is not going so well in the real world. I don't really have any ideas to play with at the moment. I am watching television and just checking this new one out that a friend told me about but they just come on to talk with their friends and that is what I want too. I get so bored sometimes and I have games I can fool around with but seriously they can get boring too after a while, one has to see the bigger picture I guess. I want to spend some time with some real people that is why I thought I would give this a try. Also to see what the fuss is about and what everyone is talking about. I know your frustration mate, it is not easy out there but there are so many things that just do not work for many so one has to be careful or they could just end up being part of a big scam. I think you are in the same boat as the rest of us. It is not easy.
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• Germany
12 Oct 07
I don´t actually think it is too hard to make money online, there are a lot of opportunities out there, which are really free and make you some bucks. So don´t expect to become rich overnight, it all needs time to build up. If you will, check out my profile, there´s a link to my blog that deals about making money online.
@MrsAdvice (623)
• United States
11 Oct 07
My biz is one of those "free for a little while" ones, but the little while is months, while you build your downline free and get ready for the launch and if you do it right when you pay the small sign up fee you get it back plus more right away and I believe this is going to be huge and make me very rich. The free to get started works if you are not looking for a free ride, but are willing to put in the time and effort to work it.
@rbardhan (193)
• India
11 Oct 07
No, It is very easy to earn money online if you know the techniques. You can earn money by different ways. you can get step by step techniques of earning online by visiting my blog. please go to site