clean and tide your room

October 11, 2007 7:07am CST
life likes a novel. do you think so. when we think it is easy it is difficult. when we know it last long it is simple. i know i am lazy. i don't want to do things when i think there is no need to do. and i think it is no need to clean and tide my house everyday. in fact, i hate it is clean as it is not my home. i like to be free. the house where is a little dirty make me feel more good. but i clean and tide the house. do you still think i am lazy. i clean and tide the house every other day. but it is not regular. i do that for i am not comfortable. i will be crazy if there is nothing to do for me. i clean the room which used to be dirty . i am exhaust but well after that. then my family would say i am changing. is it real? do you clean your house like me? come here now and let us know how do you think when you do think like this?
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• China
11 Oct 07
If there are you alone,you can do anything you want,but if not,there will be much matters.I live with my parents,I admit I'm lazy,but I also can't bear to live in dustheap.I will clean up my room, just late.but my mom can't.She ask for keep clean momently.We often disput for this.Then,I have to follow my mom.
• China
12 Oct 07
hi. you are good kid. have a nice day.