How to protect from theives

October 11, 2007 9:50am CST
While walking on the road some one suddenly starts attacking and tries chain snatching.How to get rid of him and to protect ourselves.
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@men82in (1270)
• India
10 Nov 07
If tries for chain you can do spray menthol sprays everywhere available in india to scar him/her. To protect ourselves not to wear original metals is the best.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
6 Nov 07
This menace is found in Bangalore streets also. The only way is to learn karate and be alert while walking. Also do not wear expensive jewellery. Obstentatiousness is also one of the reasons which encourage the thieves, snatchers to have a field day.
• India
2 Nov 07
Life is more percious than gold.If he does not have deadly weapon and if you are confident of your muscle power reattack him with force. If not, it is better to surrender the chain and protect your life.
• India
25 Oct 07
Tell them politely to wait,I will remove and hand it over to you. Because one's life is more precious than gold.
• Philippines
11 Oct 07
i guess you just have to be alert at all times. and secure your things and as much as possible learn some self defense techniques to defend your self from this nasty thieves. And try to go out with some peers just to be safe, but doesnt mean that you have to go out always with someone to feel secure. :P