moving from us to pakistan

United States
October 11, 2007 4:06pm CST
Ok, so I have been kinda scared about this. I mean, the way that we are brought up here in america is being told our entire lives how horibbly that the eastern countries treat women. Well over the last few years I have found out differently. There are exceptions to every rule though. But we should not base our concepts of entire Islamic nation on a couple groups of fundamentalist radicals. So anyways, next year my husband(who is from pakistan) and the kids and I are going there for an extended visit. So pretty much we are moving there for a year or two. I would like to know from anyone who has been there or is from there to tell me your veiw of how things are. Now depending on the political situation we will be living (please excuse my spelling) in either the military area of Karachi or on the sea side of Islamabad. I have been told that these are both nice and safe areas. But still I have trepidations. Thank you for any help you can give about this.
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