Technical Support as a job....

October 11, 2007 10:40pm CST
I am thinking about going to school in order to become a Technical Support Representative. Is anyone here in this field? Can you tell me if its worth it? What kind of schooling did you do? How much did you pay? Do you feel you earned all your money back that you paid for schooling? Please let me know all the details! Thank you!
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@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
12 Oct 07
I am not trying to dicourage you. As long as you have the patience of Job, you will do well. Technical Support people go through it with customers who buy products and have no idea what they are doing. A friend of mine who is a little mentally slow will stay on the phone with a tech for hours. They start threatening to charge her extra and I have actully been around when they have hung up on her. She has a computer, but she only knows what she knows. If one little thing goes wrong, she will not try to fix it herself, she will call tech support right off. I love her dearly, but when I try to help her, we end up having a screaming match because she is so nervous about what I am doing. Then, I have an aunt who is about 75, she will go out and buy a new gadget and worry every one she can get in touch with to help her figure it out. That is why I say, as long as you have patience you will do well.
• United States
12 Oct 07
yes yes tons of patience. I could tell you stories that would have you rolling on the floor for hours about the ppl that my friends have had to help in tech support. ya know little things like them asking if the retractable cup holder is standard on all computers ,lol..
@lanfear55 (157)
• United States
12 Oct 07
although I have never done tech support my self alot of my friends have and if you are good at it then the sky is the limit. You dont have to go to school for it to start off with. Get with a tech support company doing phone tech support. There is a place here in texas called stream that pays it phone people like 12 an hour starting. Then if you do well they will help you get all of your microsoft certs. and then other certs that you need. One of my friends who is also a published writer started off with them like 6 years ago and they helped him get all his certs and now hes a programer.... and thats the big bucks there. Just an idea for you to look into. good luck!
• Canada
13 Oct 07
I guess you wouldnt happen to know of any companies in Canada would you? I live in Canada not the States, unfornately:(
@Altareaz (71)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
I'm a tech support rep and I would say it really pays off depending on the company you work for. ^_^ I just had 2 yrs of Computer Electronics Technology course which costs around $200 at that time. usually companies prefer that you graduate from a 3-4 yr course. It doesn't matter what course as long as you're deemed trainable and have good english communication skills. I've got colleagues that graduated in nursing, accounting and business administration XD. Call centers train you for the job first before you take in calls. I've worked with DELL and I must say they train us pretty good. and also there's lots of resources to be found online to help you do your job well. The only downside is there's a lot more mental stress specially when dealing with people with low or no common sense at all (juz kiddin ^_^;;) For me, I like being techie and helping people on the phone. If you like being technical and have a great deal of patience then it's worth it. I would suggest you visit for tech support jobs if you want to know more ^_^. Canada has companies like Sytel, sykes and DELL last i checked. hope this helps ^_^