Chinese Astrology of Tiger saw the Kitty's born will be get eaten by its Mom.

@aowaow (1517)
October 12, 2007 4:10am CST
I never believe this once. But my several family who did by just looking at when or after the mother born. She will eat her children, sometimes I found what had left is the kitty's head. Sounds cruel, but what is her intention? And it's only for those who was born in Tiger Year of Chinese calender. Since if they didn't go see the kitty, they will be fine. I myself in Horse year, they said, cats most are welcomed our Horse people. I ever saw my cat bear a baby until it can get milk from his mother. I saw my cat didn't do anything to me, like she is welcomed me to watch her bearing. What do you think of this? Have you ever see your cat ate her kitty at some occasion?
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@rinaaus (1203)
• Australia
12 Oct 07
I have seen cat ate her kitten many times. When I was 10 year old, my family had one cat. It had many kittens and it ate its kitten many times as well. First i did not know anything,I just wonder where was all the kitten, I asked my dad, he said he gave a way because we could not take care all of the. That time my dad hide me! One day I found a kitten's head, it was so horrible and terrify for me that day. And after that I saw my family cat was eating the other kitten (I'm writing down here now and I still so scared). I just ran away and screamed a lot. And from that day I never close/touch/hold cat any more. I see cat i step far away from them. I can say that I'm afraid cat from that day. That's my experience, eye witness . However, I don't know about year tiger as you said here!!! I do see cat ate her kitten.
@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
14 Oct 07
Yes, this Tiger Year might just our parents was trying to refer the cat, because in fact they might did not know what the precise cause is, just a random answer from them. Same as they had their reason for telling you that, when you are 10. I'm still interested of knowing why the mom will eat kitties, making more research. In fact, I found many anomaly on cats which I had in my mind. But still need more research to convince those theory. This should be a bit connected on my other thread, where why 3 colors cat (white-yellow-black) kitty's male will be left alone by the mom. She might notice on of them is the male 3 color. Which until now, I never see 3 colors cat which is male. All I had found is female. But other color is still have those male and female one. There are many anomalies in cats life which is mystery to us. Referring of Ancient Egypt is also drawing cat as their symbol in their hieroglyph. This must be interesting.