Do you know how to relax yourself?

October 12, 2007 4:55am CST
Since I graduated from the university and started to earn a living completely, I often feel very tired mentally and physically. I have to communicate with various people, talk with them and listen to them, in the most of time, I have to be travelling from one place to another, without stopping. Generally, there is a little of time left for myself, so, gradually, keeping busy seems to become a habit. However, due to a long time of hard work and a tensile mind, it is more and more easier for me to get tired and lazy. When working, I am not energic and does not laugh as before. I find that smiles hardly climb on my face. "Relax", I think of this word at this time, my body and mind both thirst for being relaxed. In the modern time, people are usually busy with work to lead a good living, but forget enjoying the life itself and finding the funny in the nature and living, what a pity! I am just one of them. I like to travel, and want to go to beatiful places for long time. When travelling a new place, meeting various strenge people and feelling different customs, I usually become curious and relaxed, and this is also because of far from the routine work and the pressure. So, I did it. When I come back, I find I have a new mind, which is just I really want. In the following days, I will sing, play with my frieds, more contact with them and do some exercises I love in my leisure time. And so, Whehter do you feel tired and what will you do to relax yourself?
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