OSX will no longer be for PPC CPUs only?

October 12, 2007 5:02am CST
2 years ago or a bit more a project was launched to emulate the OSX on the x86 architecture and the result was a DARWIN + TigerOSX (Jas) 10.x.x but it was still buggy and slow and had a lot of compatibility problems , and by time it got better and better till they reach a level of stability and 10.4.5 was the satrting , now and when INTEL start using the CORE 2 DUO that's the native architecture used for the MacPro compatibility becomes better than it was ever , for a C2D E6600 with a motherboard GIGABYTE P35-... and a SATA HDD 500 GB and a 2x1GB DDR2 800 and a Geforce XFX 7xxx , an LCD HP screen 24" would make a combination better than any other native Mac desktop or even a laptop , the stable release now is the 10.4.10 , I'm downloading it right now , and I've started collecting my new PC combination to replace the old one that I made it last year , so anybody had tried that or wanna try plz share! The advantages of an OSx is its EYECANDY looking , their pro tools when it comes to AUDIO/VIDEO editing and a lot...etc
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