Jewelry for Everything

@worldwise1 (14887)
United States
October 12, 2007 1:44pm CST
I hope this is not taken in the wrong way, but I just have to vent. Actually, it was a few ads that I've seen on myLot today that initiated this discussion. I know that there are many causes out there, and it's great that people donate to them, but I think it is getting a bit out of hand when you see jewelry for sale for every cause. I think that much of this is just a way to capitalize on others misfortune. Before today I didn't even know that there is jewelry being sold in the cause for abuse victims.
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@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
12 Oct 07
Well I never knew that either and I am always worried that it might be a Spam I do not trust a lot of things and I always need to see the fact first
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@worldwise1 (14887)
• United States
13 Oct 07
You are right, gabs, because you cannot be too trusting these days. There are those of questionable character out ther who will take advantage of any opportunity.