Have you encountered with any Honest person nowadays.

Honest - Are there any honest persons left?
October 13, 2007 2:58am CST
Hello, Four days ago,my wallet containing a large sum of money got lost (or maybe stolen).I had my visiting card in that purse and a lot of my identity and address slips.I enquired in all police stations in my city if someone had dropped my wallet at the station,but there also it was not available. I thought to myself,are there still any honest persons left in the Earth.What do you think?Are there honest persons left?Why do people are dishonest?
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• China
13 Oct 07
i don't think there is a chance to encounter a honest man. honst is the same meanings stupid. i am honst. but i don't want to be. i offen get in troudle when i don't lie. i just not like to lie. i feel bad if i am ready to do. so i never do . but most time i want to be a bad man. it is said he can be better to live in the world. lions eat sheep . and sheep are eaten .
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