lipstick or lip balm?

October 13, 2007 5:12am CST
i like lip balm...hehe...but there are instances that lipstick is required..hahaha
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• India
13 Oct 07
hello shiloh_222, i am too addicted to lip balms mostly the flavored and perfumed ones.besides i love treating my lips with lip gloss.i just love them.i usually never put lip can say its very rare.but of course there are instances when you can't avoid it. mostly i like making them myself at home avoiding the ones available at stores.i would like to share it here with all.what i do is i take cocoa drink powder of any flavour.take some petroleum jelly and melt heat it up until it melts.then add this cocoa to it and mix it.the amount depends on you as the colour will depend on the amount.mix it untill smooth and then again heat it up for another 20 seconds.put it into empty balm containers and cool it.lip balm is ready.
@tenchiwei (149)
• Philippines
13 Oct 07
I absolutely adore lip balm.:) Lipstick is a bit too much for me...I'm really addicted to body shop's lip balm. It gives you enough tinge to feel like a million bucks..LOL