Society? a reason for violence of children???

@Nivek13 (124)
October 13, 2007 6:03am CST
do you agree that the society is the reason for the unruly behavior of some teenagers? well some of these examples are violent movies.. by this teenagers learn how to be violent..
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@surajpkn (584)
• India
13 Oct 07
Well, society is also one of the reasons for such unruly behaviour of teenagers. Violent movies really have a great impact on the teenagers that they try to imitate the heroic roles that they see in the movies but they do not understand that, practically it does not work that way. Not just that, there are other distractions too. Movies, music everything piled up in the wrong way have a lot of negative impact on teenagers. They need a proper guide to direct them into the right direction.
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
13 Oct 07
hi nivek! i think that raising up a child and how they turn out to be may be directly connected, but there are so many things that contribute to how we become as adults. even just a singular event can drastically change how we become. so we cannot blame it on one factor only. so many happen to make us what we become today. :-)
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
13 Oct 07
Society is the reason. But the violent movies and the violent games are only a "learn how to react with anger" to a materialistic society which don't care about people. Our society is very sick... and it is its rules, red tape and taxes which breed violence. The more laws we have... infringing on people freedom... the more violence you will get from teenagers reacting in anger. And teenagers are not the only one. There are plenty of adults who cannot take it anymore.
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
13 Oct 07
It is first at home. Let the peace and tranquility prevail at home, the parents should show utmost love and affection to the children, teach them proper things, right things, good things. Once the children grow with strong character, they can not be misled by outside forces in society. Parents should spend some time say 2 to 3 hours with the children, teach them, involved them in your work or parents involve in childrens work. Society has always been bad, it is the good parents raised the good children.