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@daring (235)
October 13, 2007 10:24pm CST
anybody using the dualcore2 last time i want to purchase the computer to my friend and my friend need a p4 computer but unfortunately the salesman said it stop manufacturing the p4 and told me to buy dual core2 it dualcore2 is better?
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• India
14 Oct 07
Dual core is definitely superior to regular P4 processor. The logic of dual core processor is that the L2 cache of these processors are double than the regular P4 processors. If P4 3.0 GHz processor has 1MB L2 cache then DualCore 3Ghz will have 2*1MB L2 cache. This is all about dual core technology. Quad core technology is better than dual core. As per its name, it has 4 cores which can make L2 cache to 4*1MB or 4*2MB! More the L2 cache more the performance. So optimize for dual core than normal P4 processors. Quad core processors are very costly and not worth for home use. Make sure you select a good motherboard for it. Mostly Intel 945 chipset motherobard or above is preferred. Don't go for Via or Sis chipset motherboards. Happy Computing.. Still have any question feel free to ask me.
• India
14 Oct 07
There is 1 more concept called Core2Duo which is superior to dual cores but not better than quad core processors. If you have choices between "P4 3GHz, DualCore 3GHz, Core2Duo 2GHz"...then the best processor will be 'Core2Duo 2GHz' then 'Dual core 3GHz' and then regular P4. The technology in 'Core2duo' is better than Dual core processors which can beat them even with lower clock! So don't get confused.. Go for Core2duo processors. Preferred processor: Core2Duo 2GHz or above.
@youngkin (53)
• China
14 Oct 07
Definitely. Dualcore2 is much better than P4. It have a much faster computing speed, and you can run most of large scale software using dualcore2 now.