Where can I invest $1

October 14, 2007 6:17am CST
I have $1 in my e-gold account. Anyone can give me a help of where can i invest it
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• Algeria
14 Oct 07
I would suggest to wait more to collect more and you can find more real places where to invest , for $1 egold you can invest in some FOREX services but you need real skills in trading currencies or you'll lose it in a second , or you can invest in HYIP that's almost are SCAM , you you'll give them all your hard work to find them disappear tomorrow , so just stick with collecting more and more till you can invest some real big services , that may ask for $40 or $100 but they worth it and you can genarate doubles of doubles of it later , you can get here on MYLOT your first $10 so just post everywhere with good content and in high speed at the same time to see the difference in a short delay.
• Malta
14 Oct 07
where can i invest such high amounts?