how do you like to have your ice cream? cone? cup?

@jvc716 (69)
October 14, 2007 7:56am CST
i would like to have mine in cup, in that way i can eat more...!!! hahaha, but cone is alright,... as long as it's ice cream...nobody can ignore it..
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@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
10 Jan 08
either of the two. for me there are no difference at all since it is ice long as it is not yet melted.. i do not enjoy eating melted ice cream
@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
hi.. i love ice cream... well, i prefer to eat it with the sugar cone...i just love belgian sugar cones, and together with italian ice cream... so so so so delish!!!! i love italian gelato... and ice cream goes well with pie a la monde... also with frappos... how do you like to dress it up? or combine it with?
@niranjans87 (1078)
• India
14 Oct 07
Its ice cream right? Who cares what its in as long as its hygenic...i dont care if they put a scoop into my hands directly...i ll probably eat it quickly cos its so cold to hold..
@surajpkn (584)
• India
14 Oct 07
Cup is my favourite way of having ice cream. Yeah it is really true that one can have more ice cream in a cup than in a cone for a simple reason that cones container is not as big as the cups. But one more reason is that, i cannot stand the ice creams sliding away in the cones and wetting my hands. That way, the ice cream really becomes messy. So the best way to avoid that is using cups and we can eat however we want with cups.
@ritazhang (117)
• China
14 Oct 07
Actually, I don't mind if it's kept in cone or cup. Although a cup can hold more ice-cream than a cone, I would have 2 or more cones if I want. The taste is the most important. :D