Should I quit?

October 14, 2007 2:00pm CST
I have been working in a daycare for almost 2 years now. 3 1/2 years in total at the same place. I worked there and then left and then came back. Big mistake!! This place hasnt changed for the better since the last time I left. Every day I come home all stressed out and I get headaches and feel dizzy because of it. What should I do? I want to quit but Im not sure if I should give them 2 weeks notice or just leave without any notice. I don't plan on going back there anymore. I am just really concerned about my health but at the same time I don't know if my employer will bad mouth me to future employers. Can anyone give me some advice?
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@kodie420 (872)
• Canada
15 Oct 07
Well honestly all you can do if your through with the job is go by the book and give your 2 week notice and if you have been a good employee your employer should have no reason to give you a bad reference. I would quit if your not enjoying the work anymore.
@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
15 Oct 07
Too be honest I think I would give two weeks notice. You have been there a while and it would be nice to get the referral later in life. I have been in a situation where I knew I couldn't face another day at a place. I did give the notice but was able to get other people to cover the shifts for me until the quit date. Maybe you can try to get people to cover the shifts and give the notice so you don't have to go back. Good Luck
• India
14 Oct 07
Yes you should i don't know why but i did it in similar condition
@fineartist (1217)
• United States
14 Oct 07
I am very sorry to hear that you have a job that is making you physically ill. :( I have been in your position several times. The advice I am offering is to give 2 weeks notice, because you don't want to burn your bridges behind you. For your next job you will need a job reference from the job you have. If you leave the job abruptly, your current employer will have reason to badmouth you. I have never left a job before finding another one to take its place. I would advise you to see a doctor about how to cope with the stress you are feeling. I have alot of compassion for you. Good luck! :)