Can i upload pictures to boost up my earnings?

October 14, 2007 4:10pm CST
I am asking this because i seen a discussion that said i cant upload pictures if i don't have 500 posts. Is that true? If i can how do i do it? Where do i upload pictures to earn more? Can anybody help me? P.S. And is also says:"you reached your photo upload maximum........"
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Oct 07
Yes, you can earn for sharing pictures, but adding pictures to posts helps too. I had uploaded some to the Cats topic and earned for that.. I should add alot of more since I got lots of cutey little kitty pictures :) ... oh if you reached your photo maximum not sure what to do about that... I think maybe you are doing it through your profile pics which you do not earn from, but if you upload them to the topics you earn from them... About the photo maximums thing just email mylot, and ask them about that.. maybe they have a limit of pictures to upload per day or during a time frame. - DNatureofDTrain
• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Oct 07
Oh and another way to earn through your pictures it is not on mylot thought is to upload them to share a picture and then share them with your friends and family you earn .0001 cent per view per day.. There is my referal url.. I earned 6 dollars so far pay out is 25$ dollars I think I have not reached pay out yet but my friends claimed they have they pay through paypal.. Well, hope that helps you out a little, if you reach your mylot limit you can always make galleries there to share your pictures with friends, family, and relatives. - DNatureofDTrain
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• Romania
14 Oct 07
Thanks... now things look a little bit good... i think i understood .Thanks again
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
19 Oct 07
Accordng to mylot rules and guidelines, a member can start uploading pictures only after reaching 500 posts. So what you waiting for. Keep posting at the earliest and in a efficient manner as early as possible to reach 500.