Are Americans really that Dumb??

October 15, 2007 8:49am CST
I mean no offence.....i watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and you know that segment he does 'Jay Walking' where he goes around America asking general questions....i mean i have seen him ask people questions about American History, Christianity and Politics...and the answers that are given are really very stupid...i mean how dumb can you get....i usually know all the answers to questions on American History and its politicswhen i am not even in that part of the globe...I am not a christian but still am able to answer almost all questions....I mean seriously just want to know the they just telecast the answers of those people who give stupid and funny answers or is it really that way....and also do you remember the answer that was given by that Miss Teen America contestant...WOW....And do I have to start with President Bush...he ll make a fool of himself in a mental institution....i just wonder if Americans simply have enough money to get things done in every field and thats the reason they are so ahead in science, business and other fields.... Come on guys just speak out...
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@michfroi (413)
• Philippines
22 Oct 07
im not aware of this... i came from philippines..americans come on speak up, share your opinion about this
@fracktion (154)
• Philippines
22 Oct 07
I dont think so. Is it maybe because what the show is letting us see are those stupid answers and that those that answered correctly were not? Television can be tricky and some people would use it to pin somebody down or just plain make fun out of it. So relax. Not all of them are dumb. :)
• United States
20 Oct 07
Nope not all Americans act like that. I normally get the answers right when I play along! I think it's staged, and Jay eggs them on. They want their 15 seconds of fame.