Whats your vote for the sunday NFL games?

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@sissie44 (217)
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October 15, 2007 10:11am CST
Who get your vote for the best performance on sunday afternoon NFL Football games? 1) Tom Brandy 5 TD passes for a win over the cowboys 2) Tomlinson 4 TD passes for a win over the Raiders 3) peterson 3 TD passes for a win over the Bears I watched Tom Brandy game and it was a great game till the 4th Quarter where it looked like the cowboys just gave up.
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16 Oct 07
I think you have to give it Adrian Peterson because he is a rookie who came into the league with health questions and all this and what he did, he did against the Bears D. Peterson is def surpassing all rookies and I think will be a lock for ROY in the NFC.
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15 Oct 07
That's a tough one... they were all good performances. I tend to give Peterson a little of an edge because it was against the supposedly dominant Bears defense (I know, they're missing a lot of starters on defense, but still). Tom Brady torched the Dallas secondary; they haven't been that good all year, and Tomlinson has a history of incredible games against the Oakland Raiders. That being said, I would have to go with Peterson. He's fitting into his nickname... "All Day."