TNICC matrix, Confuse me again?

@ivychen (110)
October 16, 2007 3:26am CST
Well, fellow TNICC members. i haven't joined matrix program until now. Got scared that they will take away my money just like Swisscash (I bet you must have heard about this right?). And they say at their FAQ that I will receive all the link code that I will need to refer customers. Doesn't it says at first that we only promote one link? So we work as team promoting the same link. If I have to personally search my referral than i have to skip this one. Cause I won't ask people to join if I don't know they will pay or not. Can I join after members receive their first payment then? I think that is the safest bet. How do you think?
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@AndriaToh (1268)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 07
I think the confusion about the link comes from the way the matrix script was written. I am sure that the admin did not write the script themselves but are trying to adapt from an existing one. So, even though we will have an individual link code, we are not to use that, instead we are to use the common one given in the email. I think most probably, those of us that have already received payment from tnicc will feel more confident about investing in the matrix and then when that is seen to be working, other people will join us.
@ivychen (110)
• Indonesia
17 Oct 07
Yeah, let's see how this matrix turn out to be.. i hope for the best too. Thx for the response all of you!!
@Huying (389)
• China
18 Oct 07
Just now,I tried to login TNICC,but the system told me that "can't find server".I don't know why.And then I opened my e-mail,found the admin told us that we can went into another it TNICC's change?
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
16 Oct 07
Hello there. Even though I've been paid by TNICC before, I still do not see how this Matrix thing will work out. You only earn on 2 levels and the last to go in will not earn. I do not like such MLM. It scares me to see MLM (wallpaper) on the Matrix website. To be frank, they seem sincere in making things work. You can tell from the way they keep us updated. I really hope their sincerity will pay off.