How to tell my kids i cant afford christmas

October 16, 2007 3:54am CST
Hi..Im a lone parent and with chrismas coming up i getting really worriedthat i cant afford to get the presants my kids want for chrismas...Everything my kids want are so expesive that it scares me to death...How can i tell my kids that i cant get what they want..They have been through so much this year and i want them to be happy but i just cant afford it...Please help me..... brightonguy
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@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
16 Oct 07
Just be honest with them about your situation. Maybe tell them to pick one or two items from their list-the ones they like the most and you can get them other speicial little things. Don't let the season break you by trying to spoil your children. Play fun games and do the little things that make the holidays special and don't forget to remind them what the season is really all about.
@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
16 Oct 07
I only have 1 child, so i only have to buy for him (aside from other family members like my younger sister). i often find that the things kids ask for are very expensive, but you have to try to compramise. if your children are at ages where they have full comprihension of what things cost, you should sit down with them and tell them that you can't afford all that they ask for. ask them to each list 3 things that they want above all else that they have asked for, tell them that they aren't garunteed all 3 things on their lists, but you will try your best. check out the prices of the things that they have asked for and do your best to get them at least one thing from each cilds list. then buy them cheaper presents that you know they will like. that way, your children get something you know that they want, but also a few little things that they weren't expecting. i have always found that birthdays and christmas are always so much better if you get a suprise and not know all that you are getting. i hope that helps you a little. :)
18 Oct 07
Your kids have the greatest gift of all - money can't buy it- your love. I'm sure as was mentioned above that they will understand that more than you think.
• United States
18 Oct 07
I am having the same problem..I bet I can't even buy my daughters even 2 gifts a piece:( The income I do get go to all my bill and when I am don't paying them I end up with $30 for the month to live on...adn that is to pay for gas and stuff that we need for our home,,(like shampoo,tp,dish soap,laundry soap ect...)And the hardest part is my youngest still believe in Santa Claus and to tell her there is no Santa and then mommy has no money to even buy gift would just kill her....And my oldest to knows money is tight and they might understand some anyways..but to going to having wonderful Christmases to having a Christams with no gifts or even one or two gifts...I don't know what is gonna to happen I know I'm not looking forward to telling them myself and having Christmas anyways